In love with trilhos

Not sure how much I even like running purely for running itself. But I definitively love to run in serene surroundings, all senses stimulated by plenty of natural elements, ideally not on a totally flat course and not mainly on concrete or asphalt... My first organized run was Corrida das Lezírias in March 2010 and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the event. About at the same time I moved close to Monsanto, and I started running there relatively frequently. I began randomly following Portuguese running blogs, and understood just enough to get interested in the upcoming Corrida do Guincho in May 2010, where I got so excited that I really wanted to go a week later to a similar run Corrida do Mirante in Ota - so out of the blue I contacted the author of the blog Mariasemfrionemcasa regarding the logistic, and not only she didn't find it too strange that a complete stranger asked for her help but she became my very dear friend. Through her I learned about Trilhos de Almourol in spring 2011, and decided to do the mini version of 21km. And boom, I was hooked with trails. For my friend's blog I wrote then a lengthy report.
In October 2011, I registered for Redcrosstrail in Maiorca, 31 km, although I was not really prepared for this. And it was just as beautiful and hard as expected. Amazing places I would have not seen otherwise, nice crowd of wonderful sincere people organizing and participating at the event. Starting on a sandy beach north of Figueira da Foz, for 2 km trying to run close enough to the ocean to not sink too deeply into the sand and far enough to avoid getting soaked by waves, before tackling endless hills and downhills towards the flat rice fields of Maiorca. All the way absorbed into how to step on next stones, conquer next hill, manage next downhill, avoid next root... Every step different, every step engaged with the setting at that moment, taking in the views all around you and at the same time focusing on details below your feet, listening to your body and constantly adjusting a pace... a perfect meditation in motion!
So when João Ralha suggested in December to register for Trilhos do Sicó, I did not think twice. But closer was the date, more worried I was about the 38 km and 1300 m of accumulated elevation gain. That was several kilometers more than I did in October in Maiorca, and more than twice of elevation gain - and I was beyond exhausted then! So, from the beginning of the new year I was motivated to run a bit more than usually. On Sunday I was still quite concerned how to survive such a tough course, but I felt that I had light legs and enough energy. As always, I walked more of the course than I would like to, but this is the great thing with trails: you don't feel bad for walking uphill or stopping for a while to catch the breath or just to admire the views or smell the flowers. By the way, I never saw that many wild orchids in my whole life together as on Sunday!
It is a truly humbling experience to face in one day so much natural beauty, ancient historical remains, charming local settings, and above all dedication of so many people contributing to such a perfectly organized event. It is especially nice to share the experience with many enthusiastic athletes, everyone with a completely different individual life story and having so much in common at the same time. This was also one of my first events with the R4F club, and I am deeply touched with the support and kindness and understanding and acceptance - not sure yet how to deserve it and return it eventually. Thank you all!
There were several reports written about the Trilhos do Sicó on Sunday, and I could hardly add anything. The previous post by Carlos Melo made me think a lot; I definitively don't have light confident steps on constantly changing surface, I do worry will I manage some technical descent in one piece, and some parts of the course are frustrating even when walking. But I am in love with trilhos, and I want to be better prepared to enjoy them even more. And this kind of love never breaks your heart - in the worst case just a leg or two :-))
Ana G.


João Ralha disse…

Belíssimo relato da tua experiência em trilhos.

Dá para perceber porque ficaste apaixonada, tal como a maioria de nós, por este tipo de corrida.

Fico admirado com a tua capacidade de observação da natureza, apesar da velocidade média que conseguiste.

Parabéns pela tua excelente classificação, que muito nos honra.

Parabéns Ana.

Pelo "post" e pelo resultado (igualmente à Claire).

Temos que concordar que as meninas estiveram imparaveis por Sicó, grande representação femenina R4F.

Relativamente ao "Post", foi uma óptima ideia esta de um resumo da Tua "estória amorosa" e o seu desenvolvimento pelos trilhos :).

Realmente tens razão quando dizes, que relativamente a Sicó já estava praticamente tudo "postado".

Continuação de bons treinos e manutenção desse espirito e motivação Runtásticos.

Obrigado pela partilha.

46 disse…

lindo post.

Parabéns pelo texto e pela prova.

Mi disse…
Madrinha :P, podia ter sido eu a escrever este texto. Teria erros ortográficos :) mas o mesmo sentimento em relação ao trail running. Clap clap clap...
Jorge Paulo disse…

Bonito Post que demonstra bem o teu caracter e sentimento perante a Natureza.

Parabéns pela magnifica prova que efectuaste, tu não corrias voavas.

Foi um prazer acompanhar-te durante os primeiros 8 Km, mas de facto tu impões uma cadência e um ritmo, que não está ao meu alcance.

Espero voltar a ter o prazer de te acompanhar, mas SÓ antes e depois das provas, porque durante as mesmas nem pensar.

Mais uma vez Parabéns pelo teu Post e respectiva prova.

Teodoro Trindade disse…
Adorei, obrigado Ana.

Espero ter oportunidade de contigo partilhar a inscrição noutras provas. Sobretudo para ter a satisfação de te ver partir, pois ninguém te apanha.

Carlos Melo disse…
Belo testemunho, incentivador das corridas na natureza. É um enorme prazer e incentivo ver-te disparar com a velocidade que imprimes junto dos mais rápidos. E ao mesmo tempo aprecias a beleza do ambiente da prova.

Faço votos que disfrutes com prazer na companhia dos laranjinhas :)