Returning to Trilhos de Almourol

Last year I ran Mini Trilhos de Almourol, it was my first trail. Although I was totally exhausted already after the "mini" distance, when I later saw photos from the event I regretted not seeing the whole route and I made a promise to do this year the bigger distance. But I have to confess, this Sunday morning before the start, I honestly regretted being registered for 42 km, it is a scary distance! I guess I would be even more afraid of a street marathon which is probably physically easier for being more flat, but it must be mentally tiring and monotonous - well, I will never know for sure unless I do it one day, which is not very likely...

After the first two or three kilometers I stopped asking myself why on Earth I am doing this - I was too absorbed with technical demands of the terrain and fascinated by amazing views and natural beauty everywhere. No words to describe it! The event was perfectly organized, the organizers have an impossible task to make any improvements in the future, everything to the last detail was thought out and taken care of, all the needed support was given at all necessary points of the trail, and before and after running itself, and all this support was served with humbling kindness and good spirit. No other option but to promise to return next year again!

But doing 42 km was also just as tough as I was afraid it would be. Four kilometers before the end suddenly I was paralyzed by cramps. I was rolling in pain on the floor, two runners stopped and tried to stretch my leg, they were so nice and considerate and organized for me somehow a pinch of salt from another runner - which helped immediately. I was so touched and humbled by this help and attention from co-runners, completely unknown and my best friends at that moment. I am sure I did not thank them enough. They must have been tired at the 38th kilometer, but they did not think twice and stopped immediately to help me.

Not sure if it was for the salt I consumed, or for the break I got from "resting" on the ground, or for the strong wish to finish, or simply for the adrenaline rush - but right after this cramping episode I felt completely refreshed and ran the last four kilometers without feeling tired at all. Strangely, I even felt much better than in the beginning five hours before. And it was absolutely fantastic to cross the finish line, seeing Ralha couple, João arranging a chair for me and Luísa bringing my bag from the car - I felt treated as a queen. After the shower it was so nice to sit down and eat and chat with other run4funners, waiting for the rest of the group to finish, and getting a ride back to Lisbon - already looking forward to repeating loucuras like that...

It is true that I run alone, because I also practically always train alone and I am not really used otherwise. But it is so good to belong to Run4Fun, everyone being so good-hearted and with a positive spirit. I can't stop thinking how more fun and relaxed and easy these running events are for me now. Dear all, I really appreciate it, more than I can express in any language, and I will have to find a way to thank in action and not just words, but for now I can only say OBRIGADA :-)

Ana G.


Muito bem Ana.
Correr e escrever em alto nivel, parabéns.

Obrigado pela partilha, parabéns pelos funtásticos resultados que tens conseguido.

João Ralha disse…
Parabéns aos nossos sete participantes nesta maratona de montanha.

E em especial à Ana Grosnik pelo belo relato que condiz com as tuas magníficas qualidades atléticas.

Paulo Pires disse…
Tu vai lá Ana. Bem vinda ao Ultra Trail!!!!
Teodoro Trindade disse…
Li com muito interesse e gostei do teu relato. Parabéns Ana.

Fico a aguardar as próximas prestações sempre de altissimo nível (atleticas a narrativas).